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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  August 27, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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leadership that ted kennedy has been the last few decades. >> reporter: audrey barnes, 9 news now and the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. senator ted kennedy's last trip will bring him from his home state to washington for burial here at arlington national cemetery. good morning. i'm andrea roane. howard has the weather. angie has traffic alerts for you. stick around for that but start with howard's forecast. >> i'm also watching tropical storm danny. the latest information from the hurricane center, winds are up to 60 miles an hour. not a terribly organized looking storm and a little good news. it is to the north. that means the likelihood of it making a direct hit on the delmarva is less and less. it is going to hit off shore and we will have the winds and wave action from that but over to 0 the s, toes e th in to the day on saturday.
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start you with a k quic te e llsa ad itun rorowero around here. a few passing clouds and clear skies outside. a fine morning though on the muggy side. here's danny and it doesn't have that concentric look you want to see in sta rong storm. that is good news. t can ta ita ro st ngifvener h close mo onon coming up. thismorning 75. shenandoah valley regional airport 64. and hagerstown 72. muggy out there. high temperatures a little cooler than yesterday with more humidity. highs in the upper 80s and a slim chance for an outside thunderstorm there as we head to even the mountains. 75 right now. angie goff, good morning to you. >> good morning. hello, everyone. happy thursday to you. we have issue on 295 early on. southbound the road is closed at eastern and northbound it is closed at polk because of a crew of police officers out there conducting an
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investigation and still no word how long they plan to be out there, but we will keep you posted and let you know when the lanes open up. show you the outer loop. volume light past university. it's like this over to georgia. no issues to report at this time around the beltway. switching it over to 66 eastbound. here's the situation. if we could head back outside, i could show you a live camera. we are tracking your trip and finding it all clear, nice and open through centreville. going back to the graphics to the downed tree at stanger. that is where we will watch for -- actually avoid the area and watch for crews. and 395 finally no delays to report from duke street to the 14th street bridge. over to you. today the body of senator kennedy will travel from his family home in hyannis to boston. he will lie in repose for two days. air force services there his remains will be brought to
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arlington national cemetery this weekend for burial alongside his brothers. >> in $20 million deficits were wrong under the democrats. >> reporter: ted kennedy will get a sendoff worthy of his 50 years as senator. he will lie in repose at john f. kennedy library in boston for two days and laid to rest on saturday at arlington national cemetery near his brothers. he was remembered today by the first black president whose candacecy got a big boost with kennedy's endorsements. >> his ideas and ideals are stamped on scores of laws and reflected in millions of lives. >> reporter: it's not just the powerful who are paying tribute to senator kennedy. >> he was for the rights of everybody, the disabled, women's right, the civil rights movement. >> reporter: some brought flowers to his office in washington and the jfk museum in hyannis.
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flags at federal buildings are flying at half staff. joe biden spoke with kennedy's wife shortly after his death. >> she said he was ready to go, joe but we within ready to let him go. >> reporter: this was kennedy's retreat, family and friends are gathering for a private vigil. >> very vigil and about as beautiful as he could be. i think it is everything that senator kennedy would have wanted. >> reporter: she lives near the compound. >> it is so sad for the country. >> reporter: senator came here to take refuge, to sail on his beloved boat and spend time with his family and where the 77-year-old finally lost his long battle with brain cancer. cbs news, hyannis sport. >> he may have been known as the liberal lion but even ted kennedy's ideal logical opposites expressed love for
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their long-time colleague. orrin hatch says he believes if kennedy had been well they could have stopped the growing gridlock over health reform. >> whenever we found common ground he would stand up against the amendments of his criminal leagues and live up to the deal. if he gave his word he kept his word and that meant a lot to me. >> reporter: they worked on major bills including funding for hiv and aids projects and health care for needy children. the brain cancer that killed senator cancer is a particularly aggressive type. survival following surgery is 15 to 18 months. the he had head the operation 15 months ago. they say the cause is a mystery and even though they don't spread to other parts of the body they grow rapidly and it is nearly impossible to get all the cancer cells with surgery.
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>> they easily infiltrate the brain tissue around the tumor but they are incurable and actually it is a lifetime struggle with them. >> reporter: senator kennedy's treatment plan included surgery, chemotherapy and pro on the beam therapy. for more on the life and legacy of senator edward kennedy, visit you can leave your condolences and watch a slide show of his life. it is time for our first living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. >> good morning. we have had seven days in a row of gains on wall street. let's see if we can make it eight today. trading could be set by the latest look at the health of the overall economy. as for trading today, most asian stock markets fell. the nikkei down 1.6%. the hang seng down 1.1%. that's after the dow eked out a
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4 point gain. the nasdaq and s&p were up just nationally. final numbers are in for the cash for clunkers program. it generated 700,000 car sales and ended just below the $3 billion mark. but japanese car make evers captured 41% sales. and once the clunkers were traded in they were destined if the junk yard, the metal, tears and even oil filters will be recycled in to other products. rubber will be asphalt and windshields will turn in to wine glasses as well as lamps and countertops. there is a $22 billion recycling business in america for scrap cars. >> money to be made. >> indeed. >> you are saving us money when you come back. >> that's right. today's money saver we are getting to that printer cartridge. they are so expensive. we will get them to go a little farther for you.
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>> look forward to that. thank you. pink slips are on the way after maryland's board of public works approves a slew of budget cuts intended to save taxpayers $454 million but 202 employees will lose their jobs. those include 160 jobs at the state health department and counties will lose $211 million in state funding, money that is used for everything from police salaries to road repaving. the board approved a five dave shutdown of sate government -- five day shutdown of state government and employee furloughs. some state workers say they should have to share the plan. darryl brown is one of them he helps print refund checks. >> we keep the state rolling an we always have to take the hit. i don't think it is fair. >> reporter: the speaker of the house and delegates mike bush says he will take a ten day pay
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cut and expects other legislators to do the same. >> reporter: this morning police are investigating a stabbing death in northwest washington. it happened yesterday afternoon in the 200 block of q street. officers found two wounded adults. one was pronounced dead at the hospital. the second victim is expected to survive. no word on any arrests or what led to the stabbing. a high-profile animal rights activists suffers a tragedy with her pet. that story coming up. plus, high blood pressure can lead to stroke, but there is something else it can do to your brain. and the next in line to south carolina governor mark stanford says the scandal has gone too far. it is nine after the hour. 75 degrees. you are watching 9 news now.
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welcome back. 295 at eastern and polk it is now open. the police investigation is
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gone. more realtime traffic coming up. in the news now at 5:10 the latest votes counted in afghanistan's presidential election show happened karzai is widening his lead over the next closest candidate. however, he needs 50% plus one to avoid a runoff and he is still short of that. final results aren't expected until next month. south carolina's lieutenant governor is calling for stanford to resign. andre bauer would succeed him but would not look for re- election. the head of richmond's spca is mourning the loss of her dog. robin star found her dog in the back of her parked car. it died of heat stroke she say her husband is horrified. he forgot to tell her he put her there. one volunteer is pushing for starr to resign.
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come common medical procedures may be increasing your risk of cancer. that story is coming up. what weather phenomenon is believed to have scattered debris all around an airport. >> we have several weather phenomenon in the way of a front and a tropical storm will get close. we will talk about danny and the weekend forecast. a lot going on. 9 news now this morning returns after this. b@
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welcome back to 9 news now. lol authorities believe a microburst caused damage to the airport in pratt, kansas. the storm knocked off hanger doors, ripped holes in roofs and blew sheds over on their sides. hi, howard. >> when thunderstorms put out a little wind it can do more than you realize. >> he cracks his knuckles and it is like chaconia board -- fingernails on a chalk board. plus, it will improve arthritis. >> it is a myth. >> i will stop around you. >> nobody is perfect. back off. weather wise, let's get you started this morning. dan will have a major impact on
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are weather, especially if you heinad tothe atlantic beaches, bethany, rehoboth, some wind action with this. rough surf, rip tides. there's danny now. i color enhanced the cloud tops the center of circulation to the west of where those cloud tops were. this tells you this thing is undergoing upper level wind sheer. winds 0 miles an hour with gusts to 70. it is north of the bahamas and east of florida by a good margin and the track from the hurricane center takes it from the northwest an the north pretty quickly. show you what it looks like in our neck of the woods. it will be close. the winds 60 miles an hour. moving northwest at nine. by 2:00 on saturday morning, we are looking east of hatteras and elizabeth city. well east, a couple hundred miles and looks like it will go north northeast, perhaps near cape cod and then looks like nova scotia as we get in to
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sunday, strong extra tropical storm with winds 75 miles an hour. you see the hurricane symbol. that's the difference between a tropical and nontropical storm system. we will watch it. we will have some impact from danny across the region. the beaches, heavy surf starting on friday night through saturday afternoon. metro more rain here in dc, in the region from fronts moving in this part of the world and if the storm system were to hug the coast more wind and rain but confident it will stay to the east. the next three days, upper 80s today. a slight chance of a storm temperature tomorrow, showers and storms, and then saturday a little activity but i think the bulk of it is well east across the delmarva. at the bus stop, mainly clear a bit muggy. upper 70s in spots to 60s. highs in the upper 80s.
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as we look at the seven-day forecast, we are talk atlantic an temperatures which have been in the upper 80s today. could be soggy depending on the rain tomorrow at the redskins game tomorrow night. over the weekend unsettle through sunday. sunday another front sweeps things out. by monday we are clearing out and cooling down and nice weather monday through wednesday. 75 degrees. hi, angie. >> hey, how's it going? hello, everybody. yeah. we are just getting a little past the 5:00 hour and no problems on 95 northbound. as we track that trip past dale city to the mixing bowl. we want to take you to the maps and show you in alexandria, virginia we have a downed tree. it is at stanger avenue. please watch for crews. moving to the inner loop from 95 to 66 realtime sensors showing the drivers are moving at a great pace and take you back outside and show you 270. everything is checking out
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great past 121 to the split. and 295 northbound better news here. it is now open going southbound you are open, as well. police activity is clear at eastern and polk. i'll second it over to andrea. >> thank you, angie. in the living well headline radiation therapy such as x- rays and mammograms are used every day to treat disease but every dan a person receives exposes them to radiation, whether a low or high dose exposure to any radiation can expose a person to increase in cancer. >> we need to be aware of the radiation and don't use use it freely. >> the decision to receive an imaging scan is up to the patient and depends on their comfort level. a new report links high blood pressure with memory trouble. researchers found people as young as 45 with high blood pressure were more likely to
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have memory problems the findings suggest that treating the condition early may have a huge payoff. extreme obesity can take years off of a person's life. new studies show that people who are 80-pounds or more above normal weight died three to 12 years earlier but it is better news for mildly obese people. the study found they had normal life spans. good morning to kristin fisher in the web center. >> that's right. the death of senator kennedy is the top story on the web this morning. ever since the news break we have been getting a ton of comments on our website and our facebook page and i want to share a w thwi you this wig.ou e if go to 9.sawu ym coyom ll top top story is r setona d tekennedy dead d at age 77. and right below it, in red, herit ghre, you will see re something that says afe avle condolences. if you click ha tits t'ers e you can e arshe ar tyour though you can read what other le aish sd ane aryope le
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have said and share your own thoughts. there are some good an some bad i an want to share a th you right now. here's one wrote. military ofi salute senator kennedy for rrwar for the people because that's what he rrwas al b out. on the othe detha anugly. the good, d mr. kennedy has upset the lyfama omiryf jomily of mary . a >>ne o >> and one are wr ae otrdga reee of what mr. kennedy did in his s life uched t a a lot of people's lives and that's lowha mattered most. you can leave a comment there and on our facebook page at and that's what we are seeing, a lot of people are talking able the cause of kennedy's life, health care reform. back to you. >> thank you. the nationals try to start a road winning streak and the
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redskins ponder whether they will be returned -- dazzled by tom brady tomorrow afternoon. stay tuned for sports. ( sighs )
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in sports this afternoon the nationals will try to win their series in chicago. leon hernandez returned to the starting rotation last night. he gave up two runs and struck out two and left with the game tied at two. the cubs broke it open in the 8th scoring six runs off the nats bull pen. lee helped with a two-run double. nats lose 9-4. tomorrow redskins fans will get a look at tom brady and his return from knee surgery. last season, brady blew his knee out in the season opener. he then spent the rest of the season and most of the off season rehabbing. two years ago he started with a record 50 touchdowns the skins say they look forward to the challenge. >> one of the more exciting quarterbacks in our league. he has done everything, super bowls to you name it, mvps but
5:26 am
he is a good player and we have our work cut out for us. >> i think he is a great athlete. why wouldn't the league be happy tom brady is back and playing. >> reporter: you can watch the game here on wusa 9. the game will be preceded by a pregame special. brett haber, brian mitchell and sara walsh will be live from the fedex field followed by the game at 00. welcome to my crib. >> you don't want to miss 9 news now tonight at 11:00. sara walsh and albert haynesworth are one on one from his crib. sara sits down with haynesworth at his home and they talk everything from football to family. that's tonight at 11:00 p.m. after missing the last two seasons doing prison time, michael vick returns to the nfl tonight. there will be some angry people waiting for him.
5:27 am
that story is coming up. plus, a look at the u.s. strategy as more troops head for combat in afghanistan. it is approaching 5:27. here's angie. >> we love thursday. we are getting closer to that week an we are traveling 50 westbound. nothing but green cars. the traffic and weather together when 9 news now returns.
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today the body of senator ted ken dewill start a journey from his home to its resting place at arlington national cemetery. thanks for joining us this thursday morning. >> we say good morning to howard bernstein. >> the humidity is up, a hair
5:30 am
spray alert. it is sticky outside. a frontal boundary will switch our winds from the hot s 90we had yesterday to a northeast wind in the upper 80s today and a few showers have moved across thiasyanlv an to the west from chicago, southwest ward and you can see in hd much better to the west of st. louis. gius a be tta erbetter we ge mo tortoowo t rrow and sunday even, tube up ea . p u east. it will be a close call at the beaches. 75 this morng wi u th a lot of humidity. 65 winchester and 73 in southern maryland. look at the temperatures in the metro in the mid-80s by noon and upper 80s by 5:00 with a chance of a thunderstorm out west. 5:30. 75 degrees. good morning, angie. >> hello, everybody. we have made it half way through the 5:00 hour. we are going to help you through the rest. i want you to know about what is going on in alexandria, virginia. stanger avenue is where we have
5:31 am
a downed tree. crews are working hard to clear the scene. open up that door and show you 66 eastbound. i like what i see. tracking the taillight and they are moving past route 28 all the way to the capital beltway. speaking of 495, i give you the outer loop and the head lights not much volume past colesville road to georgia avenue an finally wrap it up with a shot of 95 an the bw parkway out of baltimore past 198 to powder mill and beyond. you are looking at lanes wide open. that's a quick look at traffic. now, back to andrea. for almost half a century, ted kennedy served his country as a public servant. now the public will pay their respects to him. official tributes honoring the political giant will last the next several day answer then the senator's body will be brought to washington to be laid to rest alongside his brother's at arlington national cemetery. we have the latest from hyannis
5:32 am
port, massachusetts. >> reporter: the grand sentoff for the late senator ted kennedy will begin this afternoon with a procession through the streets of his hometown. >> what we will do in the next few days is celebrate his life, a remarkable life. >> reporter: his body will be taken here to the jfk library in boston. he will lie in repose for two days. >> i have admired the family for a long time, especially senator kennedy because he was about helping people. >> reporter: from massachusetts to captiol hill, thousands are remembering a popular senator, even the sports world ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: at last night's red sox game, kennedy's -- they honored him. >> here they will have a private mass before heading to boston. >> people revered him and he was worthy of that.
5:33 am
>> reporter: president obama will speak at the funeral. the boston church had special meeting for kennedy who prayed there every day when his daughter was battling cancer. the family will say their final good-byes on saturday evening. he will be buried in arlington, a resting police for the nation's heros. >> of course senator kennedy's second home was here in washington. grace and her husband lived next door to the senator in northwest. she says they attended kennedy's big 75th birthday bash in his backyard. she said that senator kennedy was a devoted pet owner. >> he loves the dogs and then one day my little west highland terrier went running in to his front door when the door was open. but he was very gracious about it all and he was saying, he is so cute. made a big fuss over the dog and said he is going to steal him or something like that. >> reporter: she said when she
5:34 am
went to wednesday morning mass her church offered prayers in memory of the massachusetts senator. senator kennedy campaigned for health care reform as long as he could. during his rivetting address of the democratic national convention in denver last year, kennedy said "this is the cause of my life." new hope we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every american will have decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not as a privilege. now colleagues say they hope to overcome their differences and realize kennedy's dream. you can watch that entire speech from last year's democratic national convention on our website at there you will also find a slide show of senator kennedy's life as well as written and video statements from president obama and other politicians about the senator's death. prince georges county officials say all students are still in classrooms even though still some don't have their schedules. thousands of high schoolers lacked the proper schedules
5:35 am
when classes started on monday. those who didn't have schedules spent the first two days in grimes and auditoriums and any remaining isolated problems are expected to be worked out today or tomorrow. you might notice military jets and other aircraft in the skies over washington today. norad is conducting flight exercises for pilots to practice intercepting and identifying planes that violate restricted air space over the city. animal rights advocates will be along tailgaters in philadelphia where they plan to demonstrate as michael vick returns to the nfl. the eagles say vick will play in the preseason game. his first since serving prison time for running a dog fighting ring. the team has held discussions with animal rights groups and vick is warning people about young people. in kansas peta is taking on
5:36 am
kfc. they fixed pothole and they were marked with the splogo. they say that kfc tortures animals. >> it is time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with more controversy surrounding bernard madoff. our favorite scam artist. >> this never goes away. these stories. >> the latest is there is a defrauded investor claiming she had an affair with bernard madoff and now she says she is planning to send him a copy of a book about their allege relationship. he is serving a 150 year sentence for running a ponzi scheme. cheryl winesteen says th madoff pursued her from the moment they met. she says it is a way to replenish the money her family lost to madoff.
5:37 am
a the fdic will reveal today how much cash it has left following 81 bank failures this year. one thinks the fund could go negative at some point. that hasn't happened since the ' 90s during the savings and loan crisis but bank customers don't have to worry about this. is time time for thy-e nemothe ng tip of the day. you don't have to buy black and color ink cartridges instead get them refilled at office supply stores and drugstores. it is $10 for a blcak dgacrirte and 15 r fodollars for for more tips eccolor. for more tips check out my blog. at the and you know i will back in the next half hour with more stuff. a developing story at this how, police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in northeast dc. at least one suspect was injured in the shooting which
5:38 am
happened around 3:30 this morning in the 3300 block of benning road. outbound benny road is blocked from 34th street and anacostia avenue. police say that the officer who fired the shot was not injured. no word on the suspect's condition. a politician has been cleared of allegations that stalled his nomination to president obama's cabinet. that story is coming up. plus, you have probably heard the term drug mule. why one south american country are dealing with drug hippos. >> it is thursday. it is thursday and we are having a great day here at 9 news now. traveling the toll road past the airport, toward the toll plaza. you will find lanes open. no incidents or accidents along the way. more traffic for you coming up.
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in the news now, this morning crews are fighting several new fires in
5:41 am
california. a new blaze erupted on wednesday this los angeles national forest. while the fires are not threatening homes they will be difficult to contain because of heat and inaccessible terrain. >> new mexico governor bill richardson will not face criminal charges in the federal pay to play investigation involving a political donor. this is video of the governor on a trade mission in cuba this week. the allegation derailed president obama's appointment of richardson has commerce secretary. authorities in south america are trying to figure out how to handle too many hippos. they say they threaten the native animal species. a new version of susan boyle catching fire on-line. new details in the what's on the web.
5:42 am
with attacks in afc afghanistan on the rise we talk to an expert about u.s. priorities there. the humidity is up. the first part of the week has been quiet but things will be unsettled in to the weekend. we will talk about that an the latest on tropical storm danny when 9 news now this morning returns. b@
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service member confirmed this morning august ties the deadliest month in afghanistan. since the 2001 invasion with 44 troops killed. recent survey shows that american support for the war may be slipping. andrew stack spoke to one noted security expert attempting to answer the question what is america's goal in afghanistan? >> reporter: 2009 is by far the deadliest year so far for u.s. forces in afghanistan. and is there is one third of the year to go? >> no one wants to see more u.s. casualties. but we are becoming more aggressive. >> reporter: faulting the president for not having a well defined exit strategy, 20,000 troops were added earlier this year and an additional 6,000 are slated for year's end. so why are we there? >> we can't afford to have it under the control of someone or
5:46 am
a group that will give us sanctuary to terrorist. >> reporter: neil livings stop says it is the sort of environment that osama bin laden flourished in. a report from the top field commander in afghanistan is expected to mirror alternate requests for more troops to beat back a resurgent taliban income in the the south and east of afghanistan. >> frankly we can told on to afghanistan as long as we need. we may not control the entire countryside or have a great government in power there but we can make sure it is not a haven for terrorists. >> reporter: in the meantime this was the scene earlier today in the southern city of kandahar, following a massive bomb blast yesterday, 43 lives lost. the deadliest attack in the past year. digital correspondent, andrew stack, 9 news now and some troops deploying to afghanistan and iraq are
5:47 am
potentially life saving equipment. soldiers are taking defender and uniforms to combat zones. if it catches fire the uniform fabric will self extinguish if ten seconds. it should help to avoid injuries caused by ieds. >> neat. >> how are you doing. >> i'm okay. >> little muggy outside. you kept asking what was the light in the sky. >> jupiter has been out early in the morning. >> thank you. ron and i thought i was the only ones seeing it because howard said back off. he wasn't dealing with it. >> a lot of people are talking about danny and he will have a big impact in to friday and saturday. sunday danny will be gone from our neck of the woods but we will have a front coming through which could give us more shower and storms. i start with danny this morning and danny has bright colors and strong thunderstorms but much
5:48 am
of it is actually east. so danny is not a well- organized storm. gained a little strength. gusting close to 70 miles an hour and you see that is 778 miles from ocean city, maryland. and we.that out because danny will get close but it will stay off shore. that's the good thing. the forecast track takes it north and then northwest and then north off shore. as this changes to the west, things will change drastically with what we are thinking. forecast center could -- the hurricane center put the forecast track east of the delmarva. here we are at 2:00 on saturday morning. friday night, saturday, you can wave the wave action, battering the beaches once again which are trying to recover from bill last weekend. i can only imagine what they will be like on sunday. danny will quickly move to the north. approaching nova scotia as a
5:49 am
nontropical low. it could clip massachusetts so we will watch it carefully and for us a track like that doesn't have great impact in the metro. moves west things change. 88 today with isolated storm possible. and then saturday still a shower or storm, especially as you head to the eastern side of the bay with danny. it will be breezy and highs in the middle 80s at the bus stop, mainly clear. a bit muggy. in the low 60s to mid-70s with light wins. upper 80s. northeast winds five to ten and few showers and storms and lo at 0. 7 ok loat okgsin on e and 77 from. . e said inildv sae id it is muggier out there. you reported three quarters of a mile visibility and a little fog in the air. seven-day forecast, 80 tomorrow afternoon. could be a little wet for the redskins game. over the weekend we have danny on saturday. a front on sunday an look at
5:50 am
that. next week. i'm only forecasting highs on monday, tuesday and wednesday in the 70s. >> in the 70s. that's going to feel mighty fine. thank you. hello, everybody. thanks for joining us. we begin with a pretty big traffic alert for you for those that travelodge on benning road. outbound traffic is closed. if you look over here this is what i am talking able. it is close 34th to anacostia avenue. we know there is a way to get around it. you can take a right on to anacostia and a left on to diction left and then left on to 34th to get you back on to benning. if you follow me on twitter, oh my goff is my name, i have that posted as my latest tweet. 395 northbound volume from duke to seminary. to the maps we go. a downed tree at stanger avenue. and finally we are looking great on 270 past father hurley all the way to the split.
5:51 am
>> good morning. it is time for the viral video of the day. remember susan boil, the scottish singing sensation on britain's got talent whose audition became one of the most watched viral videos ever. we may have found the next susan boyle. his name is daniel johnson, a 27-year-old teacher from england an his first audition on the x-factor earned him operate from simon cowell. take a listen. & what would you do if i sang out of tune ♪ ♪ would you stand up and walk out on me ♪ ♪ lend me your ear and i will sing you a song ♪ ♪ i will try not to see sing of out key. & i get by with a little help from my friends ♪
5:52 am
♪ [ music ] ♪ >> i have been doing this for how many years, eight, nine years. okay. that was single handedly the best first audition i fahave ver dever heard. the . the clip has been 3 million times in les s 3 iolln mes in less than a eku we secayoe n y whsome are co cobomphig suton sae. mparing him to susan boe. d anki ll and killer voice and huge numbers on youtube but i have to say for me daniel has a fantastic voice but doesn't have that same wow factor as susan. daniel looks like he would be a great singer, right. >> i agree. >> she was such the shocker. >> but why was she the shocker? was it all the outside?
5:53 am
shallow. shallow. thank you, kristin. it is 5:52. bob dylan's new project maybe a shock to music fans. that is coming up in the buzz. he is known around the league as a tough guy but he finds ways to motivate them for the season. we'll be right back. b@
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5:55 am
in the examiner, experts wonder if cooler weather is behind the drop in murder rates? and the district's public works agency has thoughed more vehicles this year than all of last year. and the latest test scores for maryland students in the maryland suburbs shows troubling gaps. he's he the guy fellow football players call tough. with ripped muscles, tattoos
5:56 am
and a goatee, mike cellars -- mike sellers may look the part but that is not the only role he plays. at 6'3", 270-pounds sellers is definitely a man you want to go to battle with. on the field he is part chiseled warrior, part human battering ram. >> that guy is beyond full back. >> reporter: off the field. >> well, he's something else. >> gets a little tense an hoar. and if you are not having fun playing football it becomes tedious. you have to joke and smile while you are doing your work. why not? >> reporter: and that's his mission, work hard, play hard. >> prepare for -- like this guy. >> reporter: sellers says it wasn't always that way. >> i had to establish myself
5:57 am
first before i could be playful. >> reporter: in the early part of his career was anything but fun and games. >> reporter: sellers career began in canada and here in washington in ' 98. a stint in cleveland was marred by felony drug charges which were later dropped. and for that he has one man to thank, joe gibbs. >> he is like, mike i understand your past. you have a second chance. make the best out of it and if it wasn't for that man right there, no telling where i would be. >> reporter: where he is now is smack dab in the middle of the trenches and fun and games. dave owens 9 news now and we are buzzing about a few things. one dominick, the author that
5:58 am
had a story of crime. he died of bladder cancer. he was griffin dunn's dad by the way. he was 83 and wrote the two mrs. granville. he traveled to germany and dominican republic and had stem cells and he wrote they had been in the same clinic as farrah fawcett. >> an amazing summer with all of the noted celebrities who have died. even an article in the "washington post" about it comes in threes, but this has been waves and waves and waves. >> o.j., even some kennedy family trials he covered, as well. >> we talked about this earlier. we teased it. bob dylan is the rock icon. guess what kind of album he is coming out with.
5:59 am
>> christmas. >> she coming out with a winter wonderland little drummer boy he is getting in the christmas spirit. it will release october 13th and proceeds go to charity and it is a group called feeding america and he hopes to give food to people in need. 1.4million people is how many people they think they will touch. u.s. open starts this weekend. look at how the williams sisters tune up. they get in to the dance. maybe we will see them on dancing with the stars. who knows. they were doing a prelim against the brothers at leg mason. >> show us your moves. come on, andrea. >> later on. it is not dance party thursday, okay. >> i get wise, i wer he, se


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